Alzheimer’s – Mobile wristwatch has given peace of mind to the family.


Our mobile wristwatch assists people in various ways and is of great benefit to people with dementia, elderly with long-term conditions, active elderly, cognitively impaired persons and lone workers.

Meet Richard from County Derry/Londonderry. He is 74 and lives alone. Richard has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and can get confused once he’s out and about.

Richard's daughter contacted Radius Connect 24 as she was concerned about her father. She wanted something to make sure that her father can call for help & can be tracked at all times in case he would get confused when out and about.

Recently, Richard was not home when his daughter came to visit. Richard's daughter phoned our 24/7 response centre very worried that she couldn't find her dad. Our team of professionally trained call advisors were able to check Richard's location. He was on the train heading towards Coleraine's train station. We contacted the PSNI and they were able to greet Richard at the train station and bring him home safely.


"Their personal alarm system is a super concept giving great peace of mind to all involved with its use. The watch is simple and user friendly and easy to wear making it ideal for customers like my dad who is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. I cannot praise the backup team enough who have been very efficient and ever helpful, caring, understanding and supportive whenever I have had need to contact them. Thank you. Would definitely recommend if you or a family member needed this comfort knowing it’s there all the time."

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